10 Times Parents Complain Teachers About Bizarre And Stupid Things

#3 Stopped After He Got A Classmate Pregnant.


This does seem funny at first but when you get the full news you will laugh a lot. The parents complained to the teacher that they are turning their son gay. But this complain stopped soon after their son got a fellow classmate pregnant.

#2 Changed Seating Arrangements


Many times it happens that students sit with their best friends in the class and they talk instead of paying attention to their studies. Due to which teacher move them from their place. But this parent called to so say “How dare you move my baby? He wants to sit next to his friends!”

#1 Despite Being Absent That Day



One thing that does not change in any school is the day of the field trip after it is all set to go. Student and teacher take lots of group photo during this trip. But a parent called to complain that her child was not in the photo even after he was absent on the day of the field trip.