10 Times People Regretted Saving Money On Hotels!

Staying in a hotel can be really annoying at times for you don't get what you actually see in the picture. However, at times the hotels do portray the exact picture but we get lured by the amazing discount and prices that we fail to notice the glitches. However, we can't even blame anyone. Here is a list of funny hotel room pictures that people really regretted staying in. Read the article to know more...

The safe is not safe anymore!


That’s stupid. What criminal just happens to have access to an empty suitcase in a hotel? Where are you supposed to put your keys and bibles and socks and shit?

Now, even this lamp has a useless existence!


Looks like you are just going to have to stick your bed on the roof. Well, it’s much easier to change the light bulbs now…


Okay, now I’m confused!


When you think life is confusing and you take a holiday trip with calm down, in the hotel you find these confusing directions and you are back to your old self again! Find more amazing funny hotel pictures on Next Page…