10 Times People Regretted Saving Money On Hotels!

Staying in a hotel can be really annoying at times for you don't get what you actually see in the picture. However, at times the hotels do portray the exact picture but we get lured by the amazing discount and prices that we fail to notice the glitches. However, we can't even blame anyone. Here is a list of funny hotel room pictures that people really regretted staying in. Read the article to know more...

The HOLY toilet paper!


When you have a very precious toilet paper which you worship, you keep it under a holy white light where no evil can touch it!

A weird cable for a mystery room!


I bet if you unplug that someone will come in mumbling and plug it back in. I think we found out where that missing server is located.


A stairway to heaven!?


All my life I have been searching for the ‘stairway to heaven’ and finally found it on the discount rate. Who the hell designed this, J.K. Rowling…?