10 Times the Simpsons were equally dark and true

Sixteen years ago, The Simpsons predicted the rise of Donald Trump. We explored further to find out more such predictions which came correct from the Simpson episodes. To know what those predictions where… read the article.

7. Farm simulator – Season 9, Episode 12

Image Source: 20thCentFox / Farmville

In 1998, the kids of Springfield were treated to a ‘Yard Work Simulator’ – with VR headsets. Farmville the game, played by millions on Facebook, was released in 2009.

8. High-tech intercom – Season 8, Episode 5

Image Source: 20thCentFox / Getty Images

An intercom to a gated mansion in a 1996 episode was uncanny in its resemblance to the first ever iPod, which came out in 1997 – 15 years ago.