10 Times Tumblr Roasted America

There are so many times when you must have seen Tumblr being savage towards someone or something which so many of us could do. Pictures uploaded by Tumblr end up being really funny for people who are always looking for something funny. Here are some Tumblr pictures which roasted America in every possible way.

1. On geography


Denoting things which are actually true when it comes to America. This is how things are in America and how you can always relate things.

2. On appropriation



This is how some people get just because they are from another country. Giving them the taste of their own medicine.

3. On pizza


You must have seen restaurants measuring pizzas in feet, have you ever seen measuring pizza in acres? Then you must go to America to take a feel of it.

4. On American culture



You must be aware of the eating habits of America. They just have a culture of eating fast food and with the same culture, they grow. Click next.