10 Times When Kids Have Been Funny And Smarter Than The Rest Of Us!

Kids these days are way smarter then adults which makes us think whether our generation has some faults. From handling technology which we take months to learn to knowing it all kids these days are way better than third parents. Here is a list of tweets that just prove it...

This kid is gonna be good at bargaining!


In the kid’s defense, it’s probably been a rough Monday. I always ask mine if he wants 4 or 6. Gotta choose your words carefully.

He’s pretty straightforward for a kid!


Now, for some reason, this joke sounds familiar every time I ask every builder that’s worked across from my house.


This kid is savage!


And they never seem to understand the confusion! Yeah, it’s crazy that I thought you were talking to ME when you said my name. For more hilarious and super funny tweets, read on Next Page…