10 Top Most Influential Hip-Hop Movies Of All Time

At the point when rap music was made, it gave Americans a perspective of the hood. The media declined to cover the destitution stricken minority-filled neighbourhoods, so rappers turned into our ghetto writers

5. 8 Mile


Everybody knows the plot of this one. 8 Mile brought battle-rap culture into the homes of millions of Americans when it dropped in 2002. The single for the move, “Lose Yourself,” is the best tune of Eminem’s prestigious career, it won him an Oscar and two Grammy awards.

6. How High


You can most likely get a contact high from observing How High. This drama is a work of art, and it unites two of hip-hop’s most adored stoners. Redman and Method Man are conceded into Harvard University after they smoke an extraordinary strain of weed that enables them to see their deceased genius friend who gives them answers to their tests.