10 Totally Illegal Things You’ve Probably Done At Least Once

We’ve come to the point that laws are so complex and full of loopholes, that we no longer know what is or isn’t legal. Hell, maybe even this article is illegal! (It’s not, trust me)

3. Unlocking your phone


“Thou shalt not dabble with thy iPhoneth or its OS!’ – so says the first Apple commandment. While Jailbreaking is technically legal, it still voids your warranty and leaves you with that horrible aftertaste if something goes wrong. Android phones don’t have that issue, by the way.

4. Connecting to unsecured, non-public Wi-Fi


You shouldn’t use your loud neighbor’s Wi-Fi, but it’s not your fault it has no password protection, right? … Right? WRONG! Now go pay your internet bills before the cops get you.