10 Totally Illegal Things You’ve Probably Done At Least Once

We’ve come to the point that laws are so complex and full of loopholes, that we no longer know what is or isn’t legal. Hell, maybe even this article is illegal! (It’s not, trust me)

5. Selling stuff on eBay without declaring earnings


Have you ever sold some junk from your garage on eBay? Stuff like your old phone, maybe some rare comic books or a shiny Charizard card? If you have and you didn’t declare the earnings, prepare for a visit from the IRS. Nah, just don’t tell anyone and you’ll be fine. But it’s still technically a tax fraud.

6. Fake names on social networks


Remember that time when you registered under the name “Cumberdict Benedatch” on Facebook because your real name was Bob Smith Jr.? You guessed it – illegal!