10 Totally Illegal Things You’ve Probably Done At Least Once

We’ve come to the point that laws are so complex and full of loopholes, that we no longer know what is or isn’t legal. Hell, maybe even this article is illegal! (It’s not, trust me)

7. Uploading copyrighted content on YT



Same as with GIFs and pics, uploading copyrighted content from movie scenes, TV series and games to YouTube is a no-no. The Even upper-class game reviewer like AngryJoe had troubles with Nintendo taking down his videos on multiple occasions. Internet laws are so weird.

8. Using memes, GIFs and other images

We all love funny GIFs and witty memes but did you know that a lot of them, including scenes from movies, TV shows, music clips and other media, are still copyrighted material? Well, next time you post the “Were I unwed, I would take you in a manly fashion” GIF, praise Joss Whedon for not going DMCA on your ass!