10 Tumblr Described Food Around The World That Are Funny AF

Food love is the best kind of the love. For every man or woman, there is always some type of food that they love and like to eat whenever they can. It is also said the love for any person comes straight from a full stomach. But this time Tumblr has described the type of food cooking style around the world. Here are 10 Tumblr described food around the world that are funny AF

#10 Grocery shopping + 10 minutes = cooking


Starting with America the people in America surely waste much time in buying the food than cooking it. All you need to cook an American style food is put it in the pan for few minutes and you are done.

#9 Probably been going on for generations.


 If you visit China, you can find a lot of varieties of seasoning spices and even with a guidebook about their taste. But people still will add all type of spices without knowing it.

#8 Hope it wasn’t too spicy for you, mate!



People In United Kingdom are the kind of people that cannot eat spicy food, therefore, they just boil the food add some salt and some black pepper and ready to eat with lots and lots of alcohol.

#7 What’s the point? Bon Appetit.


France has a rich culinary history, from rustic peasant foods to the most technical haute cuisine masterpieces. But of no use, unless you cook it in France according to the people. Stay tuned for more on the next page…