10 Tweets That Are Funny And Definitely Relatable

There are many tweets that people can relate to themselves in their everyday life. Many are funny and some are related and true. Many individuals essentially can’t get a hang on the idea of being a thoughtful person, yet these 10 individuals know precisely what it feels like to tweet about it just to express what it feels like. Here are 10 Tweet that is so funny and relatable.

#10 Undeniable Truth


Definitely, an undeniable truth, the chance of finding a girl at any target range is much higher compared to that of bars and clubs. 

#9 Realization



One thing everyone wants is an Amazon cart of a wealthier person.

#8 Conversation


Girls never say what matters to them but when you are done doing something for them they will definitely care.

#7 Bad Temper


The one thing everyone does when they are angry is throwing the phone. But not on a hard surface or in any place where they might break it. You look for the softest and safest place on the couch. Stay tuned for more funny tweets on next page…