10 Tweets From This Week That Will Get You ROFL!!

We come across a lot of funny tweets daily. Some are so hilarious that we can’t stop laughing throughout the day. Sometimes even a serious news turns out to be a funny twitter meme and hits hard on all the social media. Inspirational messages are also highly re-tweeted but what becomes more popular and stays longer are the funny and hilarious tweets. We have compiled a list of funny tweets for you to have a healthy laughter day.



Siri surely knows what you want. This can be a revolutionary step for all the mankind who is scared to approach someone. But she surely does ask you to hit send, luckily it worked for this girl.




This is really most of us when it comes to apologizing. Perfectly sums up our idea of saying sorry, doesn’t it??



This is really creepy, I mean did you really not understand what you were supposed to do? Well may be this is the reason you got fire.



Well, please keep some spare use and throw bowl and dishes or why not eat from the cooking pan itself. I am sure many of you are losing on your appetite now.