10 Weird American Fads That You Have Or Will Come Across

In our day to day life, everybody come across something that is some time fun and sometimes weird. Well, the fun things are the one you laugh and forget. But the weird ones are the ones you don’t forget and laugh everytime you remember them. When it comes to Americans and their ways of living there is always a uniqueness even if it is weird. Here is a list of American quirks that are quite weird.



There are large gaps at the edge of the bathroom stalls’ doors. Also, there are a half foot gaps from top and bottom. Plus they do not have an engaged sign. We wonder what’s all this saving for. Privacy matters people!




AC’s in summer is quite an essential thing but in winter or when it’s really not hot outside every American store tries to freeze its customers, like literally.



That is one hell of a huge car, it might just fit three French cars in one. But the irritating part would be the space it will take while moving on the road and also parking issues.



The weirdest thing about America is you can see the American flag anywhere you go. Just making sure you don’t lose your patriotic touch.Stay tuned for more on the next page…