10 Well Known Celebs You Did Not Know Are Guinness World Records Holders

10 Celebrities That Hold Guinness World Record Title

We often come across a news about some movie or Tv series that has broken a world record and got their name included in the Guinness World Record Holder. But if you might not know there are many celebrities who have also managed to get their name in Guinness World Record Holder and manage to hold it. Here is a list of 10 celebrities that hold Guinness World Record title.

#10 Dolly Parton


The American artist and songwriter Dolly Parton scored Top 20 hits on Billboard’s Hot Country Songs list from 1960 to 2010 (six decades). Dolly beat George Jones for the record who got Top 20 hits for back to back five decades.

#9 Katy Perry



On 16 June 2017, Katy Perry turned into the first person to get 100 million supporters on social media platform, Twitter. At that time Katy Perry was also the person with most followers on Twitter.

#8 Olga Tañón


Olga Tañón holds the record for most number of Top 10 hits on the Billboard Tropical Airplay graph. Her first Top 10 hit was in 1994 and the current one in April 2017.

#7 Justin Bieber


In 2013, Justin Bieber became the first singer ever to achieve three positions on the UK Singles Chart in the same week. The three songs that gave him this honor were Love Yourself, Sorry and What Do You Mean?. Stay Tuned for more on next page…