11 Amazing Pictures Shows Dramatic Mission Of Dunkirk In Colour

Amazing pictures demonstrating the emotional departure of Dunkirk amid World War II have risen on the release day of the tremendous blockbuster film about the challenging military operation.

The operation was planned after numbers of British, French, Belgian and other partnered powers ended up plainly caught by the German armed force on the beaches.


Winston Churchill, who at the time had only been Prime Minister for 16 days, called the original operation ‘a colossal military disaster,’ but hailed the rescue attempt as a ‘miracle of deliverance,’ during his famous âEuro ~We will fight them on the beaches’ speech.

The disappointed mission saw the associated armed forces relinquish large number of weapons when they cleared out the shoreline


The equipment including 2,472 guns, 63,879 vehicles, 20,548 motorcycles, 76,097 tons of ammunition and 416,940 tons of stores.


Most of these were recycled by the German military, who caught 40,000 French soldiers when Dunkirk eventually fell.


And the historical events have recently been turned into a blockbuster film starring former One Direction star Harry Styles, which opens in cinemas across the country today.