12 Amazing Facts About Buckingham Palace

Buckingham Palace is considered as the most recognizable palace in Great Britain, if not in the world. Home to generations of royals and keeper of priceless treasures

The palace saw its humble beginning as a large townhouse until it became the London residence and principal workplace of the British Monarchy. Here are 12 interesting things that you might find very interesting about Buckingham Palace.

1. The royals claimed the land long before they had plans to live on it

Edward the Confessor owned the village that stood there before the Norman Conquest, and Henry VIII reclaimed it for the Crown in 1531. When James I was on the throne in the early 1600s, he planned to plant a mulberry garden to rear silkworms, but used the wrong variety and had to abandon his grand idea.

2. Buckingham Palace is home to Queen Elizabeth II

Buckingham Palace is the principal London residence of Queen Elizabeth II. However, St. James’s Palace is still the official residence of the sovereign. In fact, foreign ambassadors are formally accredited to the Court of St. James’.