Many a times we face problems with food. It’s so hard to get the last few Pringles from the tube without tilting it. Isn’t it? Well here we have some great inventions that has saved humanity of such troubles. Read the article to know what these inventions are.

1. Bowl of chicken and fries.

This amazing invention has made our life so easy one hand holds everything and you eat with the other. Now you can watch your game without getting worried of your food and celebrate each moment openly!

2. Avocado color chart.

This is truly a genius invention, with the help of this now you can identify which type of avocado are you looking for and you will know when it is ripe. The chart distinguishes between the ripeness of the fruit.

3. Shopping carts.

Now this is a very thoughtful invention, now the using these shopping carts which come fitted with a magnifying glass for the elderly. They will be able to see clearly in the cart all the stuff they have taken.

4. Chopsticks.

How thoughtful now if a person knows how to use a pair of chopsticks he can use this, if not he can use the other side which is a fork. How ingenious oh him!

5. Picnic table.

Now this is an amazing invention, this picnic table has seating for adults and kids, as well as a space for wheelchair-users. It is a very thoughtful work of art and engineering.

6. Food cover.

This an amazing inventions which will keep your leftover food fresh and safe. This invention is just a very stretchy reauseble food cover to keep your food fresh and healthy.

7. Spray juice.

This is a really great and time saving invention for all the chefs and home cooks. This little invention allows you to spray juice directly from your fruit of choice.

8. Pringles tab.

Remember how difficult it is to get the last few Pringles from the tube without tilting it. This Pringles tab which lifts up the crisps so you don’t have get your hand stuck in the tube.

9. Store sorts its bananas.

Now this shopkeeper came up with an amazing idea for his customers to choose their type of bananas easily. The shopkeeper brilliantly sorted out his bananas according to how ripe they are. Now the customers can choose their type of ripe bananas easily.

10. Miniature train delivery.

This amazing cafe came up with a brilliant and creative idea to deliver their beer on a miniature train. How cool is that?! Not only you will get your chilled beer delivered on time but that too on a train, this amazing idea would attract hundreds of customers to his cafe everyday.