12 “Beware Of The Dog” Signs And Dangerous Dogs Behind Them

We all want to be safe and prepared for nearly anything. A few people trust that a delicate cautioning is the best type of assurance from something terrible, others like to join it with humour. We give you comical pet owners thoughts for how to keep you and your home safe.

9. I’d believe the sign if the entrance wasn’t so small


How come the owner is so dumb and humorous at the same time? People will laugh more than getting afraid of those heavy chains you have outside that small dog house.

10. Things are not always what they seem


When you are confused about the pet you want to own but can’t wait to put a board on the door  just because you always wanted it!


11. Hey, man! Down here!


Portraying your dog to be a killer and badass one but suddenly you see someone who is trying to look through those gate gaps. Reality cannot be hidden.

12. Beware of tonnes of cuteness


After looking at the board you may feel that it can be a serious shit but when you get a friendly look from that dog you just can’t believe the board because of the dog’s cuteness.