12 Celebs Who Revealed Their Unusual Bedroom Fantasies In Public

The mysteries about celebrities lives don't come out easily, and when they do, they turn into a subject of incredible talk for people. Numerous celebrities have taken the thing of sharing private points of interest to next level by discussing their affection life and room needs in broad daylight.

7. Madonna


In the 90s, the Queen of Pop discharged a book called ‘Sex’ highlighting some of her sensual pictures and dreams. The book stunned many individuals, yet it gave the world the data about Madonna’s fascination towards BDSM.

8. Angelina Jolie


Angelina Jolie is one of the hottest ladies in Hollywood industry. By looking at her, we can’t anticipate that what is about to come, however, once the star admitted that she enjoyed playing with a knife while in bed with her ex-boyfriends.


9. Kanye West


We as a whole realize that Kanye West was involved with Amber Rose before wedding Kim Kardashian and after the separation, they both fired shots at each other. During one such occurrence, Amber Rose uncovered that Kanye West adores playing with butts.