12 Classical Art Memes That Will Ignite Your Love For History

Museums and art galleries can turn into a mind-boggling knowledge for the easygoing guest. Fortunately, a few people unravel hundreds of years old thoughts and numb them into dialect we mortals can see. Here is a list of hilarious list of classical art memes that are impossible not to laugh at.

#12 Gazing into eternity level 101


When someone hears a sad song and pretends to be lost in the song watching outside the window while going somewhere in a car.

#11 Just listen



The biggest question in the world is not how the universe came to the existence. But it is understanding a girl or trying to read them.

#10 Most annoying thing ever!


That feeling when you are halfway through that monopoly game and someone insists on reading the rulebook so that he could make change according to him.

#9 Not me!


When the teacher starts a surprise test and starts asking questing to everyone. And you are trying to not make eye contact with the teacher. This shit has happened to everyone some point in their life. Turn to next page for more funny memes.