12 Disturbing Facts About Heath Ledger as Joker

There are a couple of true to life exhibitions that are as celebrated as the late Heath Ledger's bravura depiction of Batman's notable miscreant in Christopher Nolan's The Dark Knight. The scene-taking part earned Ledger colossal acclaim and various honors, including an after death Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor.While the film will always remember Ledger's widely praised execution, many don't understand exactly how profound the prominent performing artist dove to channel the disturbed super villain.

7. Switching Between Reality And Character


Many trusts that Heath Ledger was dependably in a dim head space on set to have the capacity to remain in character. Many casts and team review Ledger being especially himself when he was off camera and would regularly skateboard around set in full outfit.

8. Some reality Into The Scene


Heath Ledger had this habit of making each scene as genuine as he could when it came to profit his performance. In the scene where Batman cross examines the Joker, Christian Bale agreed that Ledger asked he need not hold back and really beat him as hard as possible to add to the credibility of the scene.