12 DIYs To Make Your Useless Stuff Worth It

These hacks are of extraordinary help in fixing little issues. I can go on telling about the advantages. But You should read the article and see the unbelievably simple ways to sort the few things around you in your premises.

Ever wondered what Soda tabs could be used for?


Save your soda tabs after your parties. Those tabs can be used to hold picture frames. Just stick a soda tab on the back of the frame and you’re good to go.

Slippery door mats? No more!


Put some Acrylic glue under your mats, and stick them on wherever you want. They’d last there long enough, to see your great great grand kids. 😀


How to save your apple from getting Yellow?


Cut the apple and hold it together with a band, and save it for later if you are full. And not to worry about apple turning yellow. When it comes to colors, you will get to know how to get colorful vegetables in next hack so click on the Next page.