12 DIYs To Make Your Useless Stuff Worth It

These hacks are of extraordinary help in fixing little issues. I can go on telling about the advantages. But You should read the article and see the unbelievably simple ways to sort the few things around you in your premises.

Say Bye Bye to the frost on your window panes.


Splash vinegar on the windows to keep frost off them and enjoy the views outside on a cold winter morning. Just make a potion out of 3 parts water to a part of vinegar, and wipe your windows with it.

Do you want some colorful onions? You can have Green ones!


Cut them as pictured and grow them on your own.


Live hanger-free, only on hooks.


Get some curtain hooks and organize your wardrobe. In the next hack, we are going to do something more interesting so don’t miss the Next Page.