12 DIYs To Make Your Useless Stuff Worth It

These hacks are of extraordinary help in fixing little issues. I can go on telling about the advantages. But You should read the article and see the unbelievably simple ways to sort the few things around you in your premises.

Recycle the empty bottles and jars.


And please don’t buy a new one for this. 😀

Keep your remotes right next to the couch!


Take a piece of velcro, stick it to the remote controller and stick the other part on the wall near your couch. You’ll never lose your TV remote controller unless you skip to stick it back where it ought to be. 😛


Your drawer’s capable of more, you know!


Stack your clothes as in the picture, and you’ll never have to pick the one on the top, to see the one beneath. Select your clothes quickly, when you wake up late on that Monday!