12 Encouraging Before-And-After Photos Of People Beating Cancer That’ll Make You Ugly-Cry

It doesn't really need to be said, but cancer is one of the worst ailments to fall upon our loved ones, and the fight to get through it is long and heartbreaking. But for those of us cheering someone on, it's inspiring to see people come out of it happier than ever. These 12 people kicked cancer's b**t, and we're all ugly-crying about it!

3. Little Maizie’s mom posted her success to Instagram.


“I was so nervous on Maizie’s first day of 1st grade but (in true Maizie style) she jumped right back in and didn’t miss a beat! Now… Bring on SUMMER!!!”

4. One year can make a huge difference — that hair comeback is so dramatic!


Reddit user newnatedetroit was just as inspired as us, commenting, “Congrats! I’m sitting in chemo right now for the same thing. After three weeks my hair finally started going today.”