12 Encouraging Before-And-After Photos Of People Beating Cancer That’ll Make You Ugly-Cry

It doesn't really need to be said, but cancer is one of the worst ailments to fall upon our loved ones, and the fight to get through it is long and heartbreaking. But for those of us cheering someone on, it's inspiring to see people come out of it happier than ever. These 12 people kicked cancer's b**t, and we're all ugly-crying about it!

9. “Cancer is a [terrible] thing because it can come back & haunt you & there really is nothing you can do about that…”


“… but maybe there is a freedom in that too because life is short & maybe shorter than you think, so live it fully! ♥️”

10. “Missing the hair, not the brain tumor. Here’s to one-week cancer-free!”


It’s always nice to know that people can have a sense of humor about it after the fact. Keep shining, man!