12 Funny Comics That Shows You Are So Comfortable In Your Relationship

Relationships are frightening at the beginning. You need to become acquainted with somebody and open up to them. You endeavor to be normal and clean and not appear to be as well "odd" so you don't frighten the other partner away. In any case, once you've been seeing someone enough, you never again stress over these things because you can act naturally... These funny images by Murrz Studio demonstrate the life of couples who are truly OK with each other. Perhaps too much comfortable.

9. You start sharing shitty things


You celebrate and chat about all the gross things under the sun. You even look at who is grosser and hope that you win.

10. Cuteness is always there


For part of a relationship, playfighting is just fun loving. In any case, at that point you hit a point where you will botch each other up if you have to…but you do it with adoration.


11. You start sharing your thoughts


You can share your deepest and darkest thoughts — and keeping in mind that your lover may not concur, they will listen to you.

12. No more hiding the real you


You change frequently and realize that you will love each other regardless of how you look.