12 Funny Reactions To Melania Trump’s Creepy Christmas Decorations

You may be seeing these posts lately about the Christmas decoration which the first lady Melania Trump did for the white house. This got internet's attention when Communications Director Stephanie Grisham tweeted a photo of the White House's festive decorations. People made fun memes of the decoration which looks like a Tim Burton-designed Christmas horror anti-wonderland. The dark theme which was chosen by Melania Trump got all the attention of the people. People started photoshopping this picture with some hilarious things.

Some Star Wars Effect


The Dark force awakens and has literally taken to the next level. Vader’s palace is what people are calling it keeping in mind the thought of Trump.

Some Confusions With The Festivals


Thinking about the Christmas you get all the colorful picture in your head with all those red color and Santa, more of lights and fun. Here Melania just got confused about it, it’s Christmas or Halloween.


Some Narnia Talks


Need some Naria days back in life. Never could have you ever imagined about the decoration to end like this, which is really funny.

Again The Funeral, But Who’s?


Its the democracy of America, that is what the people of America think about the picture which is decorated in such a weird way.