12 Hilarious Husbands Who’ve Got This Marriage Thing On Lock

For a ton of people, getting married can stir up a lot of scary feelings. Certainly, weddings have a tendency to be nightmarish to design, even when somehow not ludicrously expensive, but it goes a little deeper than that. A few people assume this enormous step means they'll have to be super serious and switch up their entire identity, however but these guys prove that we never have to stop being goofy.

5. Groom is here guys!


Presently, I just want to know who the groom is, here. It is safe to say that he is one of the smiley young men or the person who’s very smooth for this frivolity? In any case, I think that guy is about to politely decline their invitation to a slumber party.

6. He is so jealous.


Ouch. At least buddy’s being a good sport about it if he’s telling us. I’d like to think the cashier was like, “OK, I know she just called him ‘honey,’ but she’s probably just being nice. She doesn’t know this dude.”


7. I grip your h*ps!


Clearly, this is the reason somebody’s husband didn’t take the laundry out before he left town. Obviously, she was gearing up to get frantic about simply leaving it before she saw his little contribution here. All around played, sir.  Your smooth move didn’t go unnoticed.

8. A new date shirt


Haha, I think we got her right minute before she facepalmed and shook her head. Despite the fact that, I think the main problem here is that some person made this shirt begin with. Like, do I even wanna know why it exists? Click on the next page to read more.