12 Hilarious Husbands Who’ve Got This Marriage Thing On Lock

For a ton of people, getting married can stir up a lot of scary feelings. Certainly, weddings have a tendency to be nightmarish to design, even when somehow not ludicrously expensive, but it goes a little deeper than that. A few people assume this enormous step means they'll have to be super serious and switch up their entire identity, however but these guys prove that we never have to stop being goofy.

9. Hello! Mr. Peanut!


All things considered, what better place to start a beautiful union than a classy memorial to Mr. Peanut? Between the drawing skills on plain view here and the lowkey rhyme he dropped, I think this guy’s keeper. I’m just picturing a sly grin on his face.

10. Sorry Not Sorry!


I’m with the husband who did this. You can’t make cat figures lie down like this without expecting people to draw this conclusion. Since we’re talking about smaller cats, I’m guessing this means the scene has smaller stakes. Like Mufasa just falls and gets kinda mad.


11. Seriously?


Eh, sometime, this person will discover that the cashier doesn’t really care what he’s purchasing. like this dude could wave a ring at them and they’d just give him an annoyed look and say, “Yeah, great. That’ll be $9.”

12. This man is like, Yaay! I am on adventure trip man!


This is the thing that happens when the groom edits the photographs rather than the photographer. And really, I don’t see how this could have gone any other way. Those shades just scream, “Please have me facing away from an explosion.”