There are times when we feel we are extremely tired and want to share it on social media. But what if you are tired and seek something interesting on the internet. Here are some amazing tweets who feel extremely tired.

1. Just Too Confused About The Condition


When you can’t sleep and want to sleep at the same time these are the thoughts you may get during this dilemma.

2. That Determination


Make sure when you decide something you take it seriously because there are times when you can’t sleep even after deciding. Some things can never be changed you know.

3. Some Motivation Please


Is that guy trying to take motivation from that animal or is he just too judgemental about it? God knows what is going on in his head.

4. Pretending Game Strong


This lady knows exactly how to sleep, But lady don’t you think there can be factors like stress and anxiety which are resisting you from sleeping.

5. It’s Too Late Now To Realise


What you were doing when the summers just started, I thought people socialize and go out during it. Anyways you were working so no offense.

6. Addition Can Be Of Anything


When you are too much addicted to social media you end up doing this the whole night. Just kidding even I face it every night.

7. So Practically You Don’t Want to work


These are the thoughts you get when you are just fed up with work and still want money but sleep comes first.

8. That’s Too Hot To Handle


Too frustrated I guess. But I like that thought of yours to sleep with so many blankets, so cozy to hear. I hope you must have applied that.

9. Took It Too Far

This one is my favorite, how thoughtful is that person but at the same time tired he ended up uploading this picture on social media. Anyways you can’t get that type of sleep now.

10. Lost In Thoughts


Some times you end up with all these thoughts while sleeping and just try to google it. More Thoughts on your way- sleep ruined.

11. Oh Those Broken Sleeps


There are times when you try to sleep and due to some or the other thing you wake up and after that no sleep. Those are terrible moments my friend, I do feel it.

12. Those Early Morning Flights


Thoughts can be slayer sometimes, just like before flight thoughts. All you can do is just try to sleep but someone(Thought full of regrets) knocks on your brain door.