12 Horrifying Murders Cases That’ll Scare The Hell Out Of You

We have seen or heard about murder cases every now or then. But there are some cases that will give you chills to your bones. Want to know which type of murder cases we are talking about? Don’t even miss a single page.

1. “The Granny Ripper”, Tamara Samsonova


Samsonova is a 68 years old women who murdered and ate 11 people. She maintained a diary in which she wrote everything she did and everything related to the crime. She killed her friend with a handsaw by drugging her salad with sleeping pills and disjoint her while she was still alive.

2. Issei Sagawa



The Japanese man fell for a lady named Renée Hartevelt while he was in France, and welcomed her over to where he was residing. While there, he snuck up behind her and shot her in the head. He ate her flesh for three days until he was caught in a park with two bags loaded with the dissected body parts.

3. Lisa Montgomery


Montgomery lied continually about being pregnant and losing her children. In 2004, she got to know Actual pregnant Bobbie Jo Stinnett, appeared at her home, choked her with a rope, cut up her paunch, and took out her infant. Bobbie Jo was just passed out, so she woke up and wrestled to make her way out, however Lisa at that point executed her.