12 Horrifying Murders Cases That’ll Scare The Hell Out Of You

4. H.H. Holmes


During the 1893 World’s Fair in Chicago, H.H. Holmes baited casualties to his castle, where he killed them and concealed their bodies in the walls. Rooms were assembled water/air proof, corridors mapped out like a maze, and a huge chute was nourished in the basement where there were vats of acid to toss the bodies into.

5. The “Toy Box Killer” David Parker Ray


He sexually tormented casualties in a decked-out chamber he called his “Toy Box,” loaded with chains, whips, and even saws. Despite the fact that there’s no real evidence he slaughtered anybody, he’s attempted to have killed very nearly 60 ladies. Simply terrible.


6. The Greyhound Bus Murder


While on board a stuffed Greyhound transport in 2008, Vince Li cut and beheaded 22-year old Tim McLean. He continued to separate whatever remains of McLean’s body parts and eat them before travelers. He was found not guilty because of craziness and is right now free.