12 Human Body Facts That You Should Know

So you must be wondering, there are so many facts about human body and we know all of them but my friend you are wrong, not all of us know everything about our own body. Facts related to sweat and body odor are still unknown to many. Here are some infographics that we represent before you just to keep you updated about the facts which you should know about the human body. Don’t miss out on any of the facts since they are just amazing and i think it’s really mainstream to miss out on facts.

1. Living Organisms On The Skin


You must be wondering, that we take bath regularly just to avoid bacterias and keep ourselves clean how can bacteria or living organism live on our skin. But there are organisms which live in on our body.

2. Some Tumours Are Necessary


There are some of the tumors which help our body to grow the dead cells like nails and hair but some are responsible for eyes and limbs. They are needed in our body just like any other body part or muscle.

3. Sweaty Feet All Day And Mucus Fact


You cannot imagine how much our feet can produce in a day. Yes, our feet can produce a pint of sweat in a day, gross isn’t it? A much grosser thing which you should know is we usually swallow 1.14kg of mucus in a day.

4. Body Cells, Gas And Digestive System


As you all know there are so hundreds and thousands of cells present in our body but only 10% of them are actually human rest are viruses and other microorganisms. We pass gas 14 times in a day and we don’t even realize it. The digestive system which utilizes your food, after dying it starts to digest you.

5. Sweaty Day Leads To Smelly Day


Fed up with your body odor? Do you even know how the body odor gets generated? When you sweat, it mixes with the bacteria already there on your body it produces a smell which stinks.

6. Glowing Human Body And Urine Colour


Fresh urine is much cleaner than water and spit because if you can just think and urine is sterile. Did you know? human body glows but the light is too weak to be seen by the human eyes.

7. Dead Cells, Stomach and Blood Vessels


Fed up with the dust you clean every day from your homes? These are actually the dead cells and not all the dust coming from outside the house. You feel ticklish when on a roller coaster because your food is actually jumping around in your stomach.

8. Tape Worm And Eye Crust


Tapeworms are the those which are found in your stomach, the longest of them found was 35 meters long. Ever wondered where those tears came from and taste like salt is there in them? Now You Know!

9. Crocodile Poop? Seriously?


Ancient Egyptians used crocodile poop as a form of birth control thing. This discovery was made by who? And what exactly he was doing with the poop? Weird isn’t it!