12 Humorous Illustrations Of Routine Ridicule To Start Your Day Laughing

You don’t have to look too far to find hilarious coincidences and irony. Just look around, it can be your own lawn or your neighborhood. The world is loaded with humor. There are the signs in ungainly places. There are the occasions that influence you to think, “How on the planet did that happen?” Here are 12 cases that will make you laugh out loud.

1. Wishful Thinking


Make a wish and it will come true. Maybe the owner took this to a new level, she thought if she voiced her wish on her car it would come true. But surely this makes funny for us.

2. TO Dive Or Not To Dive: That Is The Question



The famous Shakespeare quote holds true here. The people are confused if they should dive or not since there is a signboard displayed not to dive in a resort name ‘Diving is FUN’.

3. Are Sure You Want To Learn From Her


This makes us question whether we should join the flying school. We can only hope that the pilot of that plane is okay and that he was flying to the school to improve his skills.  A more funny photo on next page which while definitely make you laugh Keep viewing.