12 Insane Coincidences That Will Amaze You

Take a look at the pictures below for a few amazing examples. From somebody predicting the sinking of the Titanic 14 years before it happened to the Simpsons predicting Donald Trump's election triumph way back in 2000, this collection of crazy coincidences will blow your mind.

A special name for the Roman Empire



The city of Rome, the foundation of the Roman state, was established by Romulus and Remus. Thusly, Romulus turned into the main ruler of Rome. The last leader of the Western Roman Empire was Romulus Augustulus, although he was born as Flavius Romulus Augustus. But, one can state that one of the most powerful empires of the ancient world began and ended with the name “Romulus.”

A prophecy of Donald Trump’s election winning in The Simpsons


The producers of The Simpsons executed an episode in the year 2000 which made a gag of Donald Trump becoming president of the United States. Could they ever have imagined that one day it would become true?