Sometimes there isn’t a perfect solution for every problem, we have to make do with whatever we have in our hand and find the best solution for it. Here we have 12 life hacks that will help you out in such situations. Read the article to know more about these hacks.

1. This tray will let you cook multiple eggs at a time, ain’t that a brilliant idea? Try it out!

2. I’am sure you never tried this way! Bake two pizzas at the same time!

3. Easiest way to hang clothes and photos in a better way!

4. Here is a simple way you can heat two bowls in the microwave at the same time.

5. The best way to keep your laptop cool? make this discarded egg tray as your laptop cooler.

6. Make your unused shoe as a cupholder, this sure looks disgusting but useful.

7. Use this condom as a band-aid, well just so you know it can be used in such ways too!

8. Use this old sock as a phone holder and a sweat absorb-er, make sure the socks are clean before you wear them like this!

9. The cheapest cookbook holder.

10. Hide your bra straps like a pro. now no more peeking at you bra straps.

11. Get your buckets filled with a plastic bottle, such an ingenious trick!

12. Use your tennis ball for multiple purposes.