12 Lifehacks For People With Apartments

Renting is far from glamorous. Don’t get me wrong — it’s still better than living with your parents, but taking care of an apartment and making sure no permanent damage happens is easier said than done. Who would have guessed that you actually have to clean your apartment and store your things properly so that they don’t become a fire hazard?

Look at these hacks that every renter should know.

1. Label your cords


If you live in an apartment, power bars are your friends. In any case, having your TV, PS4, and Xbox all connected to a similar power bar can get really untidy. Utilize plastic bread labels to name your strings and limit any perplexity.

2. Put garbage bags in their place


In an apartment, you’re going to go through a lot of grocery bags being used as trash liners. Keep them set up by joining Command glue snares to the side of your canister.