12 Most Unsettling And Scary Events In History

The human history lies in the facts lies around criminals or disturbed people and their unfortunate acts. Some parts of the history can be so creepy even downright terrifying.

3.Danny LaPlante


When a pregnant woman and her children were found dead, the suspect was a high school student who lived in the neighbourhood. But this wasn’t his first offence. When he was 15 he stalked a family and tied them up, they managed to escape and when they called the police he was found living in a hole in the wall.

4. The Amy Bradley Disappearance


While on a vacation with her family on a cruise ship on its way to Curacao in 1998, Amy disappeared. Years later, photos of her that very much resembled her, were sent to her parents. People have claimed that they saw her or she’s handed over to adult slavery.