12 Most Unsettling And Scary Events In History

The human history lies in the facts lies around criminals or disturbed people and their unfortunate acts. Some parts of the history can be so creepy even downright terrifying.

7. The B.C. Pig Farmer AKA Robert Pickton


There were a couple of pig farmers from British Columbia in Canada. One of them, Robert Pickton, would hire and bring hookers to his farm, After he was finished with them he’d fed them to the pigs. The number of dead ladies was up to 27. Who knows what number of others he escaped with.

8. Hidden House Guest


A 58-year-old man lived in Japan heard a bunch of noises in the night in his home. He then installed a camera in his house and found out a woman is living in his house past one year. He informed the police and after searching the whole house found the woman hiding in a built-in cupboard designed to store bedding and mattresses.