Call it a curse, an act of God or just bad luck; but sometimes despite how things seem on the outside, some of our favorite movies didn’t go quite as smoothly as we may think.

1. Roar


In 1981, During filming of Roar,around 150 untrained animals like Cheetah, Lions and Leopards were allowed to roam freely around a terrified cast and crew, many of whom reportedly spent the movie narrowly escaping death. Cast and crew members were repeatedly harmed and bitten by animals while others suffered broken bones, gangrene, and other ailments.

2. Titanic


Titanic is a standout amongst the most heart melting romantic tales of our time, yet reports are that the film’s prosperity came at a high cost.In 1997, Nine accidents occurred in the middle of shooting which brought about broken cheekbones, cracked ribs, plastered ankles and even a splenectomy.

3. The Passion Of The Christ


The lead performer, Jim Caviezel, who depicted Jesus in 2004 , suffered the brunt of what many call ‘God’s wrath’. Caviezel burned through 8 hours in cosmetics which left him with cerebral pains and skin contaminations, he had a lung disease and pneumonia, he had a case of near-hypothermia, a dislocated shoulder, and he was accidentally whipped on several occasions.

4. The Exorcist


In 1973, A few reports say that 9 members died on the set, different reports say it’s four, including the Jack MacGowran and Vasiliki Maliaros. Other spooky things occurred too, things burst into flames under baffling conditions, and performer Linda Blair even apparently “predicted” the death of a team partner with a line of dialogue.

5. Silence


In January of 2015 the set, situated in Taiwan, was announced risky for recording because of frail structures in the building, so contractual workers were employed to settle the circumstance.  Shockingly, in a matter of seconds, the roof of the structure collapsed on two of the workers; one was killed and the other seriously harmed.

6. Blues Brothers


In 1997, the Labor Ministry began an examination after an auto moved onto a stuntman and a set organizer, harming them both-one in the end needed to have his leg severed. Landis was again examined by the Labor Ministry after another mishap left a stuntman with an extreme head injury.

7. The Omen


Actor Gregory Peck, who played the father of a kid who ends up being the Antichrist, alongside screenwriter David Seltzer took isolate flights to England, and both were struck by lightning. But, it deteriorate’s, the plane that the group had initially sanctioned smashed, slaughtering everybody on load up. That is not all, however, a portion of the team members got into an auto collision; and the inn where the motion picture’s chief, Richard Donner, was staying got besieged by IRA forces. Now that is a bad omen.

8. Braddock: Missing In Action II


Toss Norris is known for his action movies , however this movie had excessively much activity. The shooting of a helicopter scene brought about a crash which killed four Filipino warriors who were working as extras. Five others were harmed.

9. The Viking


Varrick Frissel and some crew members joined a seal-hunting expedition in Labrador to get the additional footage. The group carried explosives on board in case they got trapped in ice. Unfortunately that’s exactly what happened and due to what seems to have been a mishap in the powder room, the dynamite detonated while in the back of the ship. 27 people were killed, including Frissell and his dog. Despite the deaths, production for the movie continued and the film was released in the summer of 1931.

10. Noah’s Ark


Maker Darryl F. Zanuck and executive Michael Curtiz thought they had a splendid thought for the climatic surge scene of this Biblical film. Curtiz and Zanuck chosen to pour 15,000 tons of water over the extras and the concrete set to delineate the surge; this was a terrible thought. 3 members supposedly suffocated, over 12 endured broken bones, a extra actor needed to have his leg cut off and a few others got Pneumonia.