12 Parents Who Really Tried Hard, Real Hard

We are familiar with parents asking some or the other question and end up doing something which was never expected from them. Like clicking pictures and technology related things. They really do struggle but they try each and every time to do things by themselves. Trying hard is really what they do but here are some of the epic results of them trying their best.

5. 11 Toolbars!!!!!!


Seeing a yes option in every popup windows when our parents use the internet is ought to be clicked. The results? these are the results of clicking on every yes option your parents. 11 Toolbars? seriously?

6. No Navigation Needed


Parents do usually refuse to use the technology since they are not much familiar with these new technologies, like using advance car systems which provide navigation systems. This dad still prefers using a note on his dashboard with the navigation details.


7. His Phone Has No Zoom Option


Unaware of the facts, parents use their mobile phone as if they know everything(not criticizing them). Like here this dad just don’t know if there is any feature like zooming into the text on his phone.

8. Mom’s Personal WiFi


Have you ever asked your mom or dad for giving you their personal hotspot or use their wifi? Unintentionally they end up doing things which they are just hilarious.