12 Parents Who Really Tried Hard, Real Hard

We are familiar with parents asking some or the other question and end up doing something which was never expected from them. Like clicking pictures and technology related things. They really do struggle but they try each and every time to do things by themselves. Trying hard is really what they do but here are some of the epic results of them trying their best.

9. Mom’s New Version Of Screenshot


This mom was unaware of the screenshot option available on her mobile or she was unable to click those 2 buttons together. This is what happens when you leave your parents alone when they need you the most.

10. What Exactly Did He Try?


This dad tried to take a print out of a youtube video. What exactly he wanted? I think he wanted to download that video from the internet! What do you Think? Leave a comment!


11. Couldn’t Take That!


When you introduce your parents to new technologies and they get astonished about all the features, these are the results you’ll get. This mom couldn’t believe the group chats they were doing.

12. Hilarious Mom


This mom couldn’t turn that flash on for taking a picture. I think that’s why she couldn’t find the keys also. You should always teach your parents how to deal with these type of things.