12 People Who Failed So Hard You’ll Feel Embarrassed For Them

Let's talk about these people, We’re thinking it’s okay to (just for a second) laugh at them because their fails are just so EPIC. We hope that everyone ended up okay and that no one is too traumatized from their series of unfortunate events, but for now, we’re going to go ahead and laugh.

4. No Shame in His Game.


And hey, why should there be? He’s working hard, living his life. Let the man read a damn Playboy.

5. When You’re Feeling Sensual.


But the pole is feeling like it’s had enough. Whoever this pole dance was for, well, let’s hope they felt like they got their money’s worth.


6. This is Why You Shouldn’t Drink and Chip.


You never know where those boozy midnight snacks might lead — or who will be holding a camera when you finally pass out.