12 People Who Got Caught Cheating And Were Exposed On Social Media

We as a whole know cheaters are the rubbish of the earth. Any individual who has undermined their partner is a selfish b*astard with no respect for the sentiments of any other individual. To them, it appears that sex is more imperative than devotion, empathy, fellowship, or love. That means they must be pretty stupid. The general population included in this list all uncovered their cheating partners in in the most cringe-worthy yet hilarious ways. What's more, if the cheater has an especially creative ex, they might end up finding themselves on a list exactly like this.

9. This one’s a doozie!


Not only a cheater but also just pretty much failing at life. Interesting how cheaters are all too often just massive losers, and failures don’t get the chance to have nice things.

10. This person seriously must have processed cheese for brains


They contracted herpes while their partner was away. There’s just a single way you get that and it doesn’t go away.


11. Some cheaters are beyond stupid


My mother once said to me that nobody has an adequate memory to effectively life constantly, and cheaters are proof of this.

12. Ouch. On their anniversary of all days!


Sometimes alcohol can lead to cheating. It’s regularly said that it underscores what individuals are thinking, so if a man’s thinking about cheating their partner, will probably do it affected by alcohol.