12 People Who Parked Like Idiots And Got What They Deserve

Learning To Drive These Days is an expensive affair And Can be Strict. But It left me baffled to see there are jerks still on the road. Even I love to drive in a road rage but without knowing it I do it. Scaring my friends when they sit next to me but without even knowing. I bet you have seen horrible parking skills and you wanted to teach them a lesson but couldn't. But now you can, we have lined up 12 way in which the idiot drivers were taught the lesson.

10. Smart Car, Stupid Owner


Smart just turned out to be a dumb shit and with some amazing parking skills. I still think if the guy in the picture is the one who built this amazing trap or the is the owner that ugly car. But the lesson to the guy was taught amazingly just like his skills.

11. Balls To You


That’s What we call a C*ck block, never thought of this creative way of blocking a car. I really don’t think if this car owner did something and parked wrongly but I think someone holds gurges against him and gave him this type of surprise.


11. Oh Just A Forklift Thing


Forklifts were never truly high in my estimations when it went to the driving scene, however subsequent to seeing this photo. The greater part of that has changed for me. I have to keep one of these things buried in my carport so whenever some douche believes it’s alright to quite recently come and stop before my garage I can simply hurry on finished in my forklift truck and lift it ideal out of there HAHAHAHA.

12. Dumbass Driver


This one much better than the last one because there are enough garbage containers to block some stupid stuff. I don’t know why people do this when there was enough space to park the car instead of parking in front of the dumpster station. You just got lucky they didn’t throw the garbage and just blocked it.