12 Photos And Tweets Tomi Lahren Doesn’t Want Us To See

With fame comes the droves of people on social media looking for anything and everything to dig their claws into. Whether it is old tweets, memes, or a contradiction, Lahren is no stranger to being ripped apart on social media. Though she has tough skin, we are sure that these 15 images of Tomi Lahren are some that she wished would get buried deep in the Internet to never see the light of day again.

3. Not A Good Look


This tweet that she sent out in 2013 wasn’t a big deal at the time, but her comments made several years later made her look a bit hypocritical. Sure, this 2013 tweet may be looked at as nepotism, but the fact that she blasted people looking for handouts after she received one gave people the chance to rip her apart.

4. Appearing On Trump’s Facebook


Tomi Lahren might be the biggest Trump supporter on the planet, and yes, she has no issues with people hating her because of it. The nature of the entertainment industry, Lahren, who has already been fired from a television show before, could be dealt a massive blow by Trump getting impeached. It is admirable that she is sticking to her guns, but this could end up in flames.