12 Photos And Tweets Tomi Lahren Doesn’t Want Us To See

With fame comes the droves of people on social media looking for anything and everything to dig their claws into. Whether it is old tweets, memes, or a contradiction, Lahren is no stranger to being ripped apart on social media. Though she has tough skin, we are sure that these 15 images of Tomi Lahren are some that she wished would get buried deep in the Internet to never see the light of day again.

7. A Double Standard


Manning, a trans woman, was eventually commuted by President Obama, which caused an uproar, and many people, including Lahren were incredibly displeased. Given her history with being a fan of WikiLeaks, it would seem odd that she despised Manning for giving them information for the public to consume.

8. Controversy In 3…2…1…


Lahren claims to be a supporter of the LGBT community, so her reaction to these two gentlemen sharing a smooch had people scratching their heads. After the men were escorted out of the party, they took to social media to blast Lahren, and their post takes the next spot on our list.