12 Photos And Tweets Tomi Lahren Doesn’t Want Us To See

With fame comes the droves of people on social media looking for anything and everything to dig their claws into. Whether it is old tweets, memes, or a contradiction, Lahren is no stranger to being ripped apart on social media. Though she has tough skin, we are sure that these 15 images of Tomi Lahren are some that she wished would get buried deep in the Internet to never see the light of day again.

11. A Legendary Typo


After she publicly complained about her experience with the airline, Alaska Airlines tweeted back, calling her Tami, and set Twitter ablaze. The employee who tweeted this, Ryan, became a social media darling for a day, and people called for his boss to give him a raise.

12. Roasted By Wale


fter taking to social media to express her opinions about a possible Trump impeachment, Wale seized the moment to hit Lahren with some straight up heat. Of course, his clap back comes courtesy of the movie Friday, and those who saw the tweet met the rapper with a shower of laughs.